About Burbi Lake Lodge

About Burbi Lake Lodge

We are eager to meet you and make your visit to Monteverde an unforgettable experience!


More than 20 years ago, this lodging project opened its doors as a Community Rural Tourism initiative, promoted by residents of the town where it is located, called Los Olivos, located just 6 km from the center of Monteverde and immersed in one of the Most important cloud forests in the world.

In 2018 it changes owners, whose main objective is to vindicate the experience of the current tourist, with a rural environment and the so representative climate that the Cloud Forest gives us. This charming place is a privileged site for its extraordinary biodiversity, a spectacular environment for nature lovers and its many forms of expression of life that it offers to those who visit it.

As is common, the great development of the Monteverde destination in its capacity for lodging and services has caused most hotels to be trapped in the middle of the intense commercial activity, traffic of people, vehicles, houses of local residents; in addition to suffering more strongly in those areas, lower and closer to the center of Santa Elena, the effects of climate change with higher temperatures due to the influence of the Pacific region.

This is how Burbi Lake Lodge builds its value proposition, with completely renovated infrastructure, comfortable rooms, with spectacular views of the natural lake and the forest, full of natural light, ventilated and safe. The Lodge is located in the highest part of the Monteverde mountains, surrounded by forest and some pastures where traditional families of the area still subsist on their dairy farms, producing the tasty milk with which the famous Monteverde cheeses are made for more than 50 years.

In Monteverde, since there are no National Parks, all the effort to conserve this important ecosystem is in private hands, who have done an excellent job. Some of these reserves are open to the public, where you can take walks in the forest by day or at night, see the forest canopy from hanging bridges, more extreme activities such as Canopy and its many adventure variants, horseback riding, tours geared for specific purposes for the sighting of reptiles, amphibians and birds; the latter very popular with those who visit the area. To organize all these activities, the hotel has become a free reservation point for our clients, where we are committed to providing the best recommendations to guarantee our guests wonderful experiences during their stay.

At Burbi we are aware of the fragility of the ecosystem that surrounds us, that is why we have decided to offer an exclusive lodging concept, with only 12 rooms, which allow us to receive small groups of people, generating a low impact on the rural environment where we are located.

3-101-763532 SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA is our legal name, which gives us the distinction before the governmental entities of our country, but we love working under the trademark BURBI LAKE LODGE which has allowed us to immerse ourselves in the tourism market of our Costa Rica.

We look forward to meeting you and making your visit to Monteverde an unforgettable experience !!!